We Are Manufacturer And Supplier Of Customized Fabricated Equipments, Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Shell & Tube Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Furnaces

Objective : Capture Opportunities in Industry

  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is seeking a Joint Venture / strategic alliance from a prospective partner. Mutual trust is a key requirement.
  • Monetary rewards shall be shared mutually.
  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. have established as quality manufacturer having three mfg plants with total covered area 100,000 Sq. Ft. TE now wants to enter new product & new markets to grab huge opportunities available worldwide.
  • Prospective partner can enter developed market using India as a low cost production centre. This mean increased profit margins & economic value addition over competitors.
  • Revenue through Technology transfer - prospective partner can gain monetary benefits by transferring technology & later on outsource the R & D services & product development unit to low cost but technologically strong country.
  • New plants always tend to move to countries & regions like India, China with better growth prospects & where a socio-economic & political environment is stable as well as predictable.
  • Pune is strategically/logistically located & havs best engineering facilities. Pune is a cultural capital & Climate is most suitable.
  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. maintains a vision of becoming a professionally managed Indian multinational, committed to total customer satisfaction & enhance the shareholders value. It will host a culture of caring, trust & continuous bearing while meeting expectations of shareholders.

This need for strategic shifts is not only true for Tusar, but also for joint venture partner.
- Benefits to JV Partner
- A fast growth opportunity
- Already existing infrastructure
- Sound business fundamentals
- Equity partnership
- Easy entry to growing Indian Market
- Reach world markets with India as manufacturing hub
- 100% trustworthy partner